Watersoluble fertilizers

We have various NPK fertilizers in mixed form of powder/crystalline and miniprill/granule available.

Our watersoluble fertilizers are sold under our registered trademark WOPROFERT®.
WOPROFERT® watersoluble fertilizers are produced from premium quality raw materials, without residues.

Why use WOPROFERT® NPK fertilizer?

When you use our WOPROFERT® NPK fertilizer you are guaranteed of:

  • a low chloride content (< 0.5%) preventing the risk of salinity;
  • homogeneity, without separation of phase;
  • free-flowing and anti-caking;
  • humidity of less than 0.2% at packaging;
  • anti-clogging, thanks to a pH-value from 3.3 to 4.5 inclusive, at a concentration of between 1 and 3 g/Lt. inclusive;
  • EDTA-chelated trace-elements, other than boron, preventing leaching and guaranteeing perfect absorption.

WOPROFERT® NPK fertilizer in watersoluble form, can be used in all types of fertigation systems (drip, micro-jet, sprinkler and channel).

Different types of NPK fertilizers we offer

Depending on the differences in climate, soil, temperature, varieties, yields and irrigation systems, we offer a wide variety of WOPROFERT® NPK fertilizers, like, but not only: 20-20-20 + TE / 21-21-21 + TE / 17-10-27 + TE /12-12-36 + TE /10-50-10 + TE / etc. We can produce tailor-made formulations, depending on crop and market, with or without trace-elements and/or for example MgO, Mo and B added. The various Nitrogen sources, used in the production of our NPK watersoluble fertilizers, ensure progressive availability and avoid leaching. The used Phosphorus derives from, for example MAP, MKP and the Potassium from for example Potassium Nitrate and/or Potassium Sulphate.

Our WOPROFERT® NPK watersoluble fertilizers can be divided as follows:

  • WOPROFERT® High Nitrogen (NPK ratios of 2-1-1 of 3-1-1) improves the vegetative development of fast growing plants and is recommended in situations where plants show a lack of vigour.
  • WOPROFERT® High Phosphorus (NPK ratios of 1-2-1, 1-3-0.7, 1-3-2 or 1-3.8-2.5) improves the rooting phase, the flowering induction and the fruit production at the end of the vegetative phase.
  • WOPROFERT® High Potassium (NPK ratios of 1-1-2, 1-1-3, 1.5-1-3 of 1-2-5) improves the fruit and vegetable ripening phase, from the end of development until harvest. The Potassium increases resistance against temperature stress.
  • WOPROFERT® Balance (NPK ratio of 1-1-1) is suited for well-balanced soils. Requirements of plants in the vegetative phase and/or fruit development will be met and will therefore guarantee you the best results.
  • WOPROFERT® High Potassium / Low Phosphorus (NPK ratios of 3-1-6, 4-1-6 or 4-1-11) is well suited to soils with a high Phosphorus content, during the phase of vegetative growth.


The fertilizers are usually packed in WOPROFERT® PE-bags, containing 25-Kg., or standard neutral, simple labelled PE-bags of 25-Kg. It is also possible to get your own custom-made pre-printed PE bag, at a min. quantity of approx. 10,000 bags.

Please contact us for more information on our range of WOPROFERT® Watersoluble Fertilizers.