Liquid Fertilizers

Simonis Fertilizers B.V. offers high quality liquid NPK-fertilizers.

The liquid fertilizers are branded as WOPRO-LIQ. Different types of NPK-formulas are available.
Our liquid NPK range consists of pure and stable formulas based on food grade raw materials.
They provide a concrete and high performance solution to plants’ specific needs, at every growth stage.

Why choose for our WOPRO-LIQ liquid fertilizer?

It is the quick and effective way to nourish established plants, in beds, pots or in public gardens!
Liquid fertilizers will have an effect almost immediately, assuring continued, superlative growth and quick recovery for crops that are tired and undernourished.

We can offer you a variety of WOPRO-LIQ liquid fertilizers. The liquid fertilizers are well suited for the following applications:

  • Improvement of the protein content in wheat;
  • Providing tubers and consistent growth of potatoes;
  • Increasing sugar richness in sugar beet and chicory;
  • Perfecting calibration of fruit cultures and to prevent bitter-pit disease;
  • For a fertilization complement well adapted to the needs of vegetable crops;
  • An ideal solution against Phosphorus blockage;
  • Rapid response to Manganese immobilization in the soil;
  • A useful Zinc solution;
  • A specific response to the Copper needs of the plant;
  • A specific Magnesium and Sulphur application.

Our liquid fertilizer provides a complete mixture of the micro nutrients, called micro elements. Very essential to the plant vitality and the correct functioning of its metabolism. It can correct the most common manifestations of micro element deficiencies: chlorosis, floral abortion, withering, malformations and falling fruit, etc.

The foliar treatments are more desirable being both more economical and faster to correct the deficiency for the curative treatments. With an obvious symptomology of micro-deficiencies, it is necessary to redouble the dosage and the frequencies of the treatment.


Our WOPRO-LIQ liquid fertilizers can be supplied in bottles of 1 Lt., in jerry cans of 5 Lt. to 25 Lt., in drums of 200 Lt. or in IBC’s of 1000 Lt.

Please contact us for more information on our range of WOPRO-LIQ liquid fertilizers.