We provide high quality fertilizers for crop growth

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Granular / Crystalline
We offer various granular fertilizers and crystalline fertilizers and have the possibility to produce the right blend for you.

Organic Fertilizers
An organic fertilizer is a slow-release fertilizer. It improves the soil structure and therefore increases your crop yield.

Fertilizers Tablets
WOPRO-TAB 19-16-10 (15gram) is our NPK fertilizer tablet with controlled slow release effect. It is made based on special combinations of nutrients.

NPK Powder
We offer WOPROFERT® NPK water-soluble fertilizer, produced from premium-quality raw materials, but are also able to produce a custom-made formula suitable for you.

Liquid Fertilizers
Liquid fertilizers will have an effect almost immediately, assuring continued, superlative growth and quick recovery for crops that are tired and under-nourished.