About Us

Producer and exporter of a wide variety of high quality fertilizers .

Simonis Fertilizers B.V.

Simonis Fertilizers B.V. is active in the field of export and production of fertilizers.
We can offer you granular/crystalline fertilizersorganic fertilizersfertilizers tabletsNPK fertilizers, and liquid fertilizers.

Customized to your needs

We at Simonis Fertilizers B.V. have built our company on trust and collaboration. We have a proven track record and have built our client base upon our service in personal solutions as: Branded packaging, marketing material and support, financing and more.

Simonis Fertilizers B.V. is active in 68 countries all over the world and provide fertilizers to governments, distributors, contractors, wholesalers and even local shops

New name, same company

You probably know us as SIMONIS B.V., but for the fertilizers activities we have changed our name to Simonis Fertilizers B.V.. SIMONIS B.V.’s fertilizers and chemicals activities were led under one company, but we have decided to make each branch his own entity. Therefore, from the first of january 2016, we would like you to remember us as Simonis Fertilizers B.V.. The producer and exporter of a wide variety of high-quality fertilizers for agriculture, horticulture and floriculture.

Production process

The fertilizers, from main West-European producers, are re-packed in our own WOPRO-branded 25 kg or 50 kg bags, in big bags, or in custom-made pre-printed bags. Also, a complete line of tailor made NPK-blends can be supplied, as well as soluble NPK-powders and a range of micronutrients.

We offer a wide range of possibilities. Please contact us to discuss the best solutions for your needs.

Logistic solutions

Simonis Fertilizers is a producer, but above all a fertilizers distributor. We offer a wide range of logistics solutions and always provide solutions suitable to your needs.
As the specialized fertilizers distributor we know our way around the world. We distribute fertilizers to all continents and have build op good contacts. So if you have any logistic problems we would like to assist you to find the perfect solution.

Please contact us, so we can tell you all about the possibilities we offer.