OMRI Listed fertilizers

At Simonis Fertilizers B.V. we offer a wide variety of fertilizers.

AGROGOLD® – Our OMRI Listed fertilizer

Our brand AGROGOLD® is produced and distributed by us and has been subjected to OMRI oversight.
This gives you the assurance that it only consists of the finest organic materials.

OMRI Listed fertilizers are well-known, among others, for the fact that they improve the soil.
This makes it not only a verified product suited for organic farms and gardens, but also a good investment for the years to come.

About OMRI Listed fertilizers

OMRI stands for Organic Materials Review Institute. It is a non-profit organization which supports organic integrity by developing clear information and guidance about materials. Its goal is to make sure to support the growth and trust of the global organic community through expert, independent and transparent verification of input materials, and through education and technical assistance.

The products are reviewed against the organic standards. This determines whether or not a product qualifies as organic under the USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP). Goods that are found to comply are listed on the OMRI Brand Name Products List (BNPL). If the product is approved it will be OMRI Listed.

More OMRI information

Therefore we are very proud that our AGROGOLD® NPK fertilizer is ‘OMRI Listed’. This is our guarantee to you that we deliver the best quality of organic fertilizers for your company.

More information about our OMRI Listed fertilizer.