Welcome to the website of Simonis Fertilizers B.V., producers/exporters of a wide variety of high quality fertilizers for agriculture.

Simonis is since 1957 active in the field of export  fertilizers (including  granular / crystalline, organic fertilizers, fertilizers tablets, npk powder, liquid fertilizers)

The fertilizers in bulk material, from main West-European producers, is re-packed in our own WOPRO-branded 25 or 50 kg bags or big bags, or in custom-made preprinted bags. Also a complete line of NPK-blends can be supplied, as well as soluble NPK-powders and a range of micro-nutrients.

Simonis Fertilizers B.V. is an active, flourishing, and still growing company and is situated in Beuningen, The Netherlands.





Simonis fertilizers

Wilhelminalaan 4
6641 DG Beuningen
The Nethelands

Tel:  +31(0)24 2042 360
E-mail: fertilizer@simofert.nl